Projects Audited: 570     Marketcap Assessed: $ 212M
Rug Projects: 54     Linked Wallets: 1564
The Lore

The NFT world has grown exponentially in the past few years, and with it, the number of investment opportunities has also risen. However, not all projects are created equal, and many are built to make quick profits at the expense of investors. This is where Geniez NFT lore comes in, aiming to create a safer ecosystem for NFT investors and collectors.

Geniez holders are known for their discerning eye, seeing through the smoke and screens that many projects try to put up. They are not fooled by the hype, and they do their due diligence before investing in a project. They are alert and quick to spot any shady activities and won't hesitate to pull out if they sense that a project is not up to their standards warning others in the process.

Geniez holders believe that the NFT world should be a place where everyone can invest and trade safely and securely. They don't just look out for themselves but also educate and guide newer investors into understanding what is good or bad in a project. Instead of dumping on the newer members, they shield them and educate them, helping them become well-versed in the traps of the ecosystem.


Presale Supply

March 2023

Presale Date


Public Mint Supply

May 2023

Public Mint Date

Introducing New Web3 Security Solutions.
Rugs Database

We have developed a comprehensive database of NFT rug pulls complete with linked wallets, chains of affiliations, and total raised money that span across multiple blockchains, but mostly Solana and Ethereum. This product is ever-evolving and will be the premiere infrastructure for on-chain security investigations. This will be a useful medium for B2B, B2C, and personal activities.

Web3 Wallets Tracker

Complementary to the rugs database, we have built a wallet tracker where you can identify associations of wallets to reported rug pulls, scams, and wallet drainers. This will bring a much-needed safety protocol that will help you identify wallets and certain underlying risks before engaging in different day-to-day on-chain transactions.

NFT Audits

The last tool in the arsenal of Geniez holders is the audit aspect, which has been developed and refined over the past year. This tool has already evaluated more than 550 projects, providing Geniez holders with a comprehensive overview of each project, including information on its development, community, and potential risks.

Presale & Mint