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Idea & Analysis Gathering

Safety Ranking

RadRugs is developing a unique and innovative Ranking leaderboard where projects are reviewed by the community under certain criteria and given a safety ranking in order to create a safer environment for investors.

Design & Development

Rad Collection

We designed 5,555 unique rad rugs NFTs on the Solana blockchain. Some of them will be redistributed to victims of rug pulls as part of our compensation program. They will also unlock special perks in our ecosystem and gives access to the DAO.



RadRugs holders will be able to participate in the governance of the project via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where they will be able to review projects and develop the compensation program for rug pulls victims.


The Guardians Of Solana

RadRugs is an NFT project on Solana that aims to to contribute to creating a more safe and inclusive ecosystem for investors and to give back to those who have been exploited by shameless projects.

  • We review projects based on many criterias in order to calculate a Safety Score, which is featured on our ranking web platform.
  • Our compensation program implements mechanisms to give back to victims of rug pulls.
  • RadRugs holders have access to special features within our Ranking tool and can take an active part in the governance process through the DAO.
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About Us

We Want Everyone To Stay Safe And Invest Responsibly

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What is in the pipeline

Project Kick-off

Define the concept, assemble the team, elaborate the white paper

September 2021

October 2021

Art & Community

Design the NFTs, build the community, establish partnerships

Security Leaderboard MVP

Design, develop and launch the Security Leaderboard MVP

November 2021

November 2021


Launch the first round of mint for the early supporters

Security Leaderboard v2

Implement premium features for NFTs holders, add wallet login and other suggestions from the users

December 2021

December 2021

Public Sale & Marketplaces

Launch the final mint, list on secondary marketplaces, kick-off the compensation program

Security Leaderboard v3

Implement support for other chains, improve the platform

Q1 2022


Everything you want to know

RadRugs is an NFT project that aims to give back to those who have been exploited by shameless projects. Because the Solana ecosystem is so inclusive, some bad people are taking advantage of the crypto craze to steal from investors.

We are also building a platform where NFT projects would be featured and ranked based on specific criterias in order to asses the safety risk.

The mint price is 0.33 SOL.

Most likely, yes. We will give more details on our Discord server.

The most basic definition of a rug pull is when the creators of a project abandon it right after the mint, and leave the public scene completely. It is very difficult to trace back these people, so investors are left with NFTs whose price drop dramatically very quickly.

We want to broaden the definition of a rug pull to give back to as many people as possible. We will be determining with the DAO what other criteria can be added to include as many projects as possible.

RadRugs holders will be able to participate in the governance of the project via a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where they will be able to exercise voting rights on key decisions of the RadRugs ecosystem. As members of the DAO, they will be able to participate in the evaluation of the different projects that will be submitted to the platform, vote on which projects to review, develop the compensation plan, determine which projects will be part of the compensation plan, and decide on the indemnity that will be allocated to rugpull victims.

We have decided to take a different approach with the marketing. Many people have the assumption that "more members = more hype" and somehow equates to the project's success. On the flip side, there are those who see these new projects pop up with 5, 10, 15, 20k members in a matter of a few days and they question the authenticity of the group/vision of the project. We are not onboard with the idea that we need to "fake" growth or value to succeed.

We think it's best to have a slow but steady approach to earn true value. That's what we are seeking. We believe this is best for everyone. Collaborations with trusted projects will also be a key element of our marketing strategy. We want to develop partnerships with other communities and DAOs to enable our project to contribute to the Solana ecosystem and increase our visibility.

The vetting process involves a manual verification of all projects that would apply to be reviewed. Some steps of the vetting process could be automated. There would be a fee to apply for the vetting process, paid using RadRugs NFTs (for example 2, 3 or more, depending on the price). These NFTs would be collected by the team and sent to a community wallet that would be used to compensate rugpull victims, as identified by the DAO.

This way, the RadRugs ecosystem becomes sustainable for the long run, and it creates organic demand for the NFTs. We could also evaluate some projects independently and for free, depending on what the DAO decides. For now only the Solana chain will be supported, but the project could be extended to include ETH and other chains.

We will set up a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will oversee all of the project’s operations. The main responsibility of the DAO members will be to take an active part in identifying projects that have been rugged, validating the legitimacy of these projects and determining how the rugpull victims will be compensated.

After the initial mint, we will set up special channels on Discord, which will be reserved for holders of our verified NFTs. Several channels will be created to help create a strong community and also to share experience and interesting projects to invest in.


Who we are


Project Manager


Community Manager





Jack Seguin